Why solar power?

Solar Panel System

Solar power is now installed in over 1 million Australian homes, and this number is increasing every day. Solar power usage in Brisbane and Townsville, in particular, is exceptionally popular, mainly due to the high energy prices charged to Queenslander's. Queensland enjoys some of the the best solar producing weather in the country and Queenslander's use this technology to help shield them from rising energy prices, now some of the most expensive in Australia. So if you’re considering it for your own home or business, Apollo Solar can help.

On average, an Australian home consumes 18 kilowatt (kW) hours a day, and a typical solar panel system would reduce this usage on your electricity bill by 25-40%. With the average sized 5kW Solar PV System, most of our customers experience $1500 - $2100 a year in energy savings.

Energy bills are lessened through solar power by giving you the ability to use the solar power generated in your own home and use the power purchased from the energy grid as a "last resort" option.

Apollo solar - examples of solar panels

Solar not only saves you money, but it helps us reduce greenhouse gasses that are dangerous to the environment. Renewable energy is crucial to combat global warming and high levels of carbon emissions. Currently, 11% of Australia’s total power usage comes from renewable sources. Each year this number increases a significant amount and the hope is that one day most of our energy will come from natural sources.

In fact, the Queensland Government has stated that by 2020, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 40 million tonnes due to clean energy. Homeowners’ electricity bills will be reduced by over 25% and emissions from households will be lowered by 30%, making it an environmentally friendly and monetarily beneficial plan for us all.

To help you with all of this, rebates and incentives are offered to help you install solar power to your home or business. As well as solar panels, products such as solar hot water, solar pool pumps, solafan and more are available to you.

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