Why Use Apollo Solar?


We're Queensland owned, operated and based

We have a state-wide presence, with local service and support throughout Queensland. We have permanent offices in both Townsville and Brisbane, that service the state, in its entirety. No fly in, fly out teams of salespeople here.

One Company, One Solution

We are Clean Energy Council Accredited solar Installers and employ our staff. We don’t subcontract our work and deal with everything from consulting, design, installation and after sales service in house.

No Call Centres

Deal with our friendly sales consultants in person. You will have one point of contact to assist you throughout the whole process.

Highest Quality Products

We only use high quality industry leading brands, with solid and lasting warranties, backed by large companies and with a proven track record. You can count on your warranty being available when and if, you need it most.

Reliable Workmanship and Warranties

Quality installations with aesthetically pleasing results. We believe a quality tradesman, prides himself on their workmanship. We believe in this so much that, we offer a lifetime warranty on the workmanship component of our installations.


Why Install Solar?


We’re pretty sure that solar is right for you! Don’t just take our word for it though, explore the options below to find out more.

Control Energy Costs

Lock in a low rate of power. Installing a Solar PV System means you can enjoy a predictable energy bill, so you can plan and save for your future. The moment your solar is turned on, you secure your energy stability and lower energy rates for your family for years to come.

Lower Electricity Bills

Pay Less for Clean Energy. Solar means immediate savings, it’s as simple as that. Solar energy is actually cheaper than traditional power in many markets across the country.  You pay nothing upfront, you start saving on day one, following installation, and those savings typically increase over time.

Help The Environment

Make the World a Better Place. No dirty fossil fuels, no smokestacks, no harm to precious natural resources. Solar energy is about as clean as it gets. Making electricity from your roof involves hardly any pollution, so you can breathe easier and help stop climate change. Also, unlike other power plants, Solar power doesn’t use any water at all. In fact, the average solar system, saves approximately 5.7 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide gas per year. This makes Solar a great way to improve your carbon footprint!


How Does Solar Work?

Early Morning


Rise and Shine!

Your solar system uses UV light to generate electricity. This electricity is used throughout your property to power electrical appliances. Although your system produces power from sunrise, you need to allow time for the system to generate enough to cover the usage of your house. For best results, try to avoid using large energy using appliances early in the morning to prevent you buying power the residual power from the grid.



Power On!

During the middle of the day, your system should reach its maximum production. This is a great time of the day to use those nasty appliances that are usually expensive to run. Some appliances that you could use are: hot water systems, pool pumps, bore pumps and air-conditioners. During the times you are producing more power than you can use, the power is simply fed back into the electricity grid. Under the current feed in rates, its always more beneficial however, to use the power yourself for a much better return on investment.


Sleep Tight!

After the sun goes down, your house will start purchasing power from the grid, to run your house throughout the night. This is a good time to have any of those large appliances turned off. Any appliances that you need to use through the night, like bedroom air-conditioners, it's best to change them over to a cheaper tariff to ensure that you pay lower rates for the power that they consume. Alternatively, if you are feeding lots of power into the grid throughout the day, you can opt to install batteries to make this power available once the sun goes down. Once your batteries are depleted though, you will simply revert to buying your power from the energy grid until the sun rises in the morning and commences charging your batteries again.


Here are some examples of Projects that we have recently completed.... 


Energy Savvy Neighbours

Here are some of your neighbours that recently installed Solar PV Systems with Apollo Solar!


Make a Positive Impact on the Planet

Apollo Solar.jpeg

The average Apollo Solar power system is expected to produce 379,000kWh over 30 Years. This is the equivalent power to power 42 Average sized homes for 1 year each. Now you can feel good about “Doing Your Bit” and reversing the effects of climate change.


We Make it Easy


We take care of your entire solar project from start to finish. Honest, reliable advice. Want no upfront costs? No worries!

Get a free consultation

See if your home is a good candidate for Solar. One of our energy specialists speak with you to discuss your energy usage and assess your solar needs. They can then do a roof survey to advise on sizing of systems that can fit on your roof. They will then create a solar proposal that meets your needs.

Sign your agreement

Your solar agreement lays out all of the terms and conditions of your project. It includes costs incurred, warranty and payment options.

Organise financing of your system (Optional)

We can assist you in gaining access to financing options to fund your solar project. We work closely with a panel of large Australian finance companies, who can assist you in finding competitive financing options.

Approve your system design

Our team of expert designers will create a custom design for your system, to maximise your energy cost savings, whilst considering your aesthetic preferences.


Once we receive your deposit, we then start piecing together and sourcing all of the materials required for your project.

Application to the network owner for approvals

We lodge all of the paperwork to the relevant authorities to get your approval to install. If the energy provider proves to be difficult, we will go in and act for you to get the desired outcome.

Complete the Installation

The majority of our installations are completed in 1-2 days or less. We will provide you a date to install and once everyone is happy with the dates set, our experienced and friendly installers will arrive on the agreed appointment date and install your system.

Final Paperwork

There is some final paperwork to complete on the day of the installation, which we will require a signature from you. Once the job is completed we will issue the final invoice for payment. Once payment has been received, we lodge all of the paperwork with the relevant authorities to initiate the process for your nett meter installation.

Turn on the savings

Once the system is installed and your retailer has completed their nett meter installation your system will be up and running, and saving you money. You can then monitor your system performance via the courtesy app.