I thought my panels were self-cleaning? 


If your panels are above 10 degrees, your panels are naturally considered to be self-cleaning. What this actually means is that when there is rain, the natural motion of the water will generally clean the dirt and debris from the module. This natural cleaning is widely used across the world in many everyday applications such as windows and street lights, however this does not negate the fact that they do sometimes require extra attention. Dust and grime may build up and cannot be effectively cleaned with the self-cleaning method. 



Can I get anyone to clean my Solar PV System?


Although cleaning your solar panels doesn’t seem like a hard task, having the wrong person clean them could have negative and serious side effects to not only your system but somebody’s health. Solar PV systems operate with high DC dangerous voltage and should only be inspected by an accredited and licensed electrician.

It is also important to know that if the system is damaged by a unlicensed person that your warranty will be voided. This is not to scare you as a customer but make you aware that there is differences in people’s abilities and accreditations. It is in your best interest to have your system cleaned or maintained by a professional to ensure your system is safe, operational and giving you the best returns possible. 

If you are unsure about this please speak to us about your specific system and we can give you some great advice and information.


What do you clean the panels with?


There are quite a few different options for cleaning the panels they depend on each location.

One popular method is to use straight tap water. This option is also preferred for customers that collect rainwater from guttering around the panels, as their is no mild detergents used in the cleaning process.

*Note: This method should only be used occasionally as it WILL NOT remove greasy or built up film on the solar panel. It is recommended that the second method is used as part of the cleaning schedule.

The second method is to use a mild detergent with water to ensure that any built up grime or film can be completely taken away. This method is in your solar handbook and should be carried out every 12 months to ensure the optimal performance of your investment. Apollo Solar has a wide range of maintenance and service plans available for your convenience.

  • Dirt 
  • Dust Pollution and Grime 
  • Bat/Bird Faeces 
  • Shading Issues

This maintenance procedure is normally carried out every twelve months unless you have had severe weather / dust conditions and are concerned about the conditions of the panels. Please ensure that you follow your guidelines and shutdown procedures for cleaning your PV system. These are located within your solar handbook. 



    The two above pictures are vastly different in looks and performance, one being clean, the other overly dirty causing UV light to be blocked out and lowering Module performance.