Sunpower Panels


The Reasons You Choose Sunpower

  • SunPower’s Pedigree has been gained over 30 years leading the solar industry. A solid reputation for quality and innovation.

  • Manufactured in North America.

  • SunPower currently hold the world record for module efficiency.

  • Mono PERC, tiled cells are efficient and strong. They are designed to last the distance in the harsh Australian conditions.

  • SunPower back the P series with a 25 year product and performance warranty.  Most competitors have a 10 or 12 year product warranty.

  • The P19 has the backing of SunPower and the performance of Mono PERC at a price point comparable to premium Tier 1 panels.

  • SunPower’s specially engineered encapsulant, protects against water ingress, humidity and corrosion.

  • The proprietary conductive adhesive, that is used on the cells to connect them, is more flexible than bus bars and reduces the strain of expansion and contraction.

  • The three Bypass diodes and parallel circuitry provides better performance in partial shade.

  • Allows for more flexibility – Easily intergrated with DC optimizers, string inverters or micro inverters for AC Systems.