Sonnen Battery Storage 


The energy supply of the future. Today.


AUstralian MADE

  • German Engineered. Australian Made.

  • Manufacturing out of the old Holden Factory in South Australia

  • We employ many of the old Holden factory employees


  • Currently on our 9th Generation product

  • 32% Market Share - Largest in the World

  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Shell - New Energies Division


  • Lithium iron phosphate chemistry from Sony Batteries with long 10,000 cycle life.

  • Warranty for 10 years. Design Life of 20 Years

  • 100% Discharge


Solar's basic dilemma, solved.

Your Sonnen Battery stores excess daytime energy generated by your solar system and makes it available for you in the evening. To be used when household demand is typically at its peak.


Smart Technology

Sonnen’s Generation 9 system, allows for the system to be wired DC-Coupled or AC-Coupled. This means these clever systems can be retrofitted to any existing solar system or installed as new, with the panels wired directly into the battery, and acting independent of any other system currently installed.

It utilises smart energy monitoring and management technology to provide you all of the latest and up-to-date data. Showing you exactly, real-time and historical data on your solar’s performance and your households consumption. This is all accessible on any smartphone via an App or desktop portal.

Sonnen also has built-in wireless Z-wave relays to control appliances around the house automatically and remotely from your smartphone or desktop.