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Apollo Solar focuses on quality services and products and fair prices. If you're looking for solar power in Brisbane, you've found the right place.

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If you’re looking for solar power in Brisbane, then you’ve found the right place. We’re incredibly passionate about solar. Not only does solar power help the environment, it can also put your money back in your pocket. With today’s astronomical electricity rates (that keep rising), solar power is an increasingly popular choice for homes and businesses around Brisbane for energy.


Why solar in Brisbane?

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As mentioned in our 'Why solar power?' page, solar power is now installed in over one million Australian homes, with the number only increasing on a daily basis. Solar consumption is particularly strong in the sunny city of Brisbane, where homes and businesses throughout the suburbs are receiving rebates and daily free solar energy from the strong Queensland sun. It is believed that Brisbane receives approximately 4.2 full hours of sun a day - installing solar panels in your Brisbane home could even reduce your electricity bills by 25-40%.

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Why Apollo Solar?

As accredited solar specialists and members of the Australian Solar Council, we’re truly passionate about solar and have a strong work ethic – we want what’s best for our customers and go above and beyond to help with their solar needs. Since starting in 2010, Apollo Solar and its partners have assisted over 1,500 customers reduce their energy bills in Townsville and Brisbane.

We believe in ethical business practices. It’s not just about profits for us: we source only quality products from reputable solar suppliers.


Should you invest in solar power?

Solar power can be a fantastic investment. With a small outlay, you can save on rising electricity costs for years to come – and that’s just the start of it: even though the Queensland Government has made amendments to its solar bonus scheme, energy providers can still supply establishments with their own rebates to help serve the environment while still giving cash back.

The true beauty of investing in solar power or solar hot water in your home or business in Brisbane is that you’ll be doing your part to help the environment. With solar power, you can be a contributor to the countless others who are actively fighting to reduce greenhouse gases and save the environment.

How does solar power work?

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It’s a very interesting process. You can read our solar power guide, or contact one of our solar specialists. We’ll be happy to answer any of your solar-related questions!

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