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Searching for high quality, affordable solar power in Brisbane, Townsville or Queensland? We’ve partnered with Lightway and Serpahim to deliver just that.

Solar power products provided by Lightway and Serpahim are put through rigorous quality assurance processes. 

Australian operated and managed, Zeus Appollo™ has a strong commitment to the Aussie solar power market.

Lightway multicrystalline PV Modules

Tier 1 quality Solar Panels Manufacture. Lightway have Tier 1 Ranking based on production capacity,shipment record and solar panels quality. What makes Lightway accumulative shipment moire than 2GW (2000MW)----Premium Quality. that is the most important, we believe in quality more than capacity.  

  • Positive Output Tolerance 0-5W
  • Guaranteed positive tolerance of up to 5w delivers higher outputs, ensuring a greater return on your investment
  • Electric Current Classification
  • Excellent weak light performance
  • up to 5400PA Mechacial load
  • Passed Ammonia Gas and Salt Mist Corrosion Resistance Test 
  • PID-Free - Module without potential induced degradation even under high temperature 
  • 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship
  • 25-year warranty > 80% power output
  • 3% degradation rate the first year
  • 0.68% yearly linear degradation

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Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. specializes in research, development, production, and sales of solar PV products as well as provision of related services and provides customers around the world with high-quality PV products. Seraphim products range from solar cells and modules to system integration and OEM/ODM services. The series products and solutions can meet customer requirements on different applications. At present, Seraphim products have been widely applied in 30 countries, including United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, India, and China. Seraphim is dedicated to providing sustainable and clean energies for customers and making contribution to environmental protection, seeking harmony between human being and natural as well as coexistence.

  • Tier 1, A Grade High cell efficiency Solar Panel
  • Superior cell technology and leading manufacturing capability, high economic benefits for customers
  • Positive output tolerance
  • Guaranteed positive tolerance of up to 4.99W delivers higher outputs, ensuring a greater return on your investment Infrared and EL tested
  • Passed Electroluminescence inspection, detecting cracks and other imperfections unseen by the naked eye
  • Regular sampling test by Photon Testing Laboratory to proven product    performance and reliability
  • Product liability insurance with CHUBB Group  
  • Product performance (E&O) insurance CHUBB Group
  • 12 Year Product Warranty
  • 12 years guarantee on 90% minimum output

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The team at Apollo Solar is proud to announce our latest solar power financing option: premium-quality solar power leasing with absolutely no initial outlay. You’ll get free installation – you’ll also be able to lock in your power price for the next 20 years so you won’t be vulnerable to energy hikes again. Find out about our free solar installation offer.

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