Save money, help the environment AND keep warm this winter with high quality solar hot water in Brisbane.

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Why invest in solar hot water


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Save on over $500 on quality Rheem solar hot water with us!

Save on over $500 on quality Rheem solar hot water with us!

This is a limited time offer only available online for resident of Brisbane and surrounding areas. It’s only for the first 20 applicants, so make sure you contact us today!

Solar hot water heating saves up to 1/3 of your electricity bill

If you’re not using solar hot water in Brisbane, then you’re probably spending too much to heat your water. Did you know that solar power heating can help you SAVE up to a ONE THIRD off of every energy bill? Forget about rising electricity rates – harness the natural, FREE energy from the sun for years to come.

Low price, quality Rheem solar hot water products

Beware of other companies offering faulty solar hot water heating products! We only install solar hot water systems that are reliable, reputable and highly regarded. We provide all Brisbane homes with high quality Rheem solar hot water – one of Australia’s leading solar hot water system manufacturers since 1937. We only use these quality products and have even partnered with Rheem to provide our customers with outstanding service, quality products at a good price!

About Rheem solar hot water in Brisbane 

Rheem has been manufacturing in Australia since 1937. Over seventy-five years later, Rheem is a household name and is as much a part of the fabric of Australian life as backyard cricket, the great Aussie barbecue and lamingtons. Rheem has the most extensive range of energy efficient hot water systems available in Australia. Whether it be with Solar, Gas or Electric Storage – Rheem has a range of capacities and sizes just right for every situation.

About Apollo Solar

At Apollo Solar, our customers always come first. Our dedicated, experienced and professional staff are happy to answer any question or concern you have regarding solar. Having proudly been in business since 2010, we’ve assisted over 1,500 customers reduce their energy bills and save the environment.

We can also offer our customers with after sales support, by looking after any warranty issues you might have. So you can have piece of mind that if you have any problems, you can call us and the company that installed it, fixes it.

Offer ending soon!



*Terms and conditions apply. $2,620 + Installation quote is based on average Queensland homes.

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