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The solar industry has been going through constant restructuring, due to global over capacity and price pressure. Between 2011 and 2015, more than 100 solar manufacturers went bankrupt, became insolvent, assigned to creditors or acquired by other businesses. Such volatility highlights the importance of choosing a secure solar manufacturer, which can honour the warranty it provides with its products.

Financial Security

Q CELLS (NASDAQ: HQCL) is a part of Hanwha Group, a Global Fortune 500 Company established in 1952 with over 55 Billion USD in total revenue and over 159 Billion USD in total assets. Hanwha Group has over 67 years' history of financial stability and with Hanwha Group's backing, Q CELLS is more than able to stand 25-year warranty. All considered, Q CELLS is arguably the most financially secure solar company.

Supporting Australia

Q-CELLS has supported the Australian community since 2009, longer than any other manufacturer currently on the market. With products developed and tested specifically for Australian climates and weather conditions, unparalleled local support, and comprehensive testing facilities both in laboratories and in the field, we are the trusted provider for Australian consumers.


We developed Q.ANTUM Technology to maximize the efficiency of conventional solar modules. We guarantee high performances under real conditions, in winter or summer, under clear or cloudy skies, and for extreme weather. Solar modules with the Q.ANTUM Technology, achieve maximum efficiencies from mass production, which has been independently confirmed by the independent Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, with a world record 19.5 


For solar cells and solar modules from Q CELLS, potential induced degradation (PID) doesn't exist. Potential induced degradation can lead to a performance loss of 20 % or more, even in the first few months. Q-CELLS´ proprietary Anti PID Technology will save you from this fate.
Solar cells with Hot-Spots can heat up to such a high temperature that parts of a module burn out. In the worst case scenario, a module can catch fire. The Tra.Q™ code contains information about the place and date of production. This makes it possible to trace certain production conditions for each solar cell.

Reliable Investment

With Q-CELLS high quality modules, you are covered by a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear performance guarantee. The linear performance guarantee certifies that your Q CELLS module will produce at least 97% of the minimal rated power output in the first year and a maximum reduction in output of 0.6% p. a. thereafter. The guaranteed minimum power output after 25 years is 83%.