more information about hybrid solar systems

More information about solar hybrid systems

Solar hybrid systems are half grid, half battery systems that can be an efficient energy source for households. Hybrid solar can reduce your power bills by generating power for your home and storing any excess for yourself.

Solar hybrid systems are unique in that they have some influence from both on and off-grid systems. Hybrid systems could be described either as an off-grid system using the grid as a standby generator or as a grid-connected system with some added battery storage. This means that hybrid systems do not need expensive diesel generators due to the grid effectively providing this service.

The hybrid model most appropriately suits people whose grid continually drops out, those who are unhappy with their electricity retailers and people who live in areas where their growth is constrained by limitations imposed by electrical networks.

The hybrid system offers an incredibly flexible solar power system, allowing users to be as self-sufficient as possible but with the security of having the main grid as back up.

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