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Lightway Solar Modules


Lightway was established in the late 2000 in China as a subsidiary of Longjitaihe, a conglomerate of a diversified enterprises operating in the technology, commercial and real estate’s markets.

Lightway are a Tier 1 quality Solar Panels Manufacturer. Lightway panels have Tier 1 Ranking based on production capacity, shipment record and solar panels quality. So what makes Lightway's accumulative global shipment more than 2GW (2 Million kW).

That is the most important thing. They believe in is Quality more than Capacity.  

  • Positive Output Tolerance 0-5W

  • Guaranteed positive tolerance of up to 5w delivers higher outputs, ensuring a greater return on your investment

  • Electric Current Classification

  • Excellent weak light performance

  • up to 5400PA Mechacial load

  • Passed Ammonia Gas and Salt Mist Corrosion Resistance Test 

  • PID-Free - Module without potential induced degradation even under high temperature 

  • 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship

  • 25-year warranty > 80% power output

  • 3% degradation rate the first year

  • 0.68% yearly linear degradation