Solar Hot Water Systems Brisbane, Townsville and Queensland


Hot water systems Brisbane, Townsville and Queensland: a cost-effective and energy efficient way to enjoy hot water

Why waste your time and money on old, unreliable hot water systems when you can get the many benefits of free (and clean) energy from the sun?

Now is the perfect time to have a solar hot water system installed in your home. We're currently offering select hot water system packages that can provide your home with fantastic hot water that's good for the environment, great for your home and fantastic on your wallet.


Low price, quality Rheem solar hot water

At Apollo Solar, we only install solar hot water systems that are reliable, reputable and highly regarded. As such, we are certified Rheem solar hot water specialists. We specialise in the sales and installation of solar hot water and standard electrical units. We also perform maintenance and service on all Rheem hot water systems.

solar hot water Brisbane Rheem

At Apollo Solar are also sell Supply Only units. If you're after a system that can be installed by your qualified plumber Rheem Solar Hot Water is your system.

The Rheem RL (ROOF MOUNT STAINLESS STEEL TANK) solar hot water heater series is ideal for homes in temperate or tropical locations that are not subject to frost and have good water quality. This system works by directly heating the water as it passes through the collectors it then automatically circulates it back into the storage tank, giving you & your family ample hot water. It's a great option when ground access is limited as the storage tank and solar collectors are mounted together on the roof. 

RL300L Solar Hot Water Tank 

  • Australis Collector included in price (High Performance Collectors at an extra cost) 
  • Electric Boost for cloudy days or when its raining 
  • Reduces energy use by up to 85% 
  • 7 year warranty (conditions apply please see Rheem Website on stainless steel tank and panels). 

Kit includes:

  • 1. 2 x Australis Pannels (7 Year warranty) and Australian made. 
  • 2. Complete Installation KIT (Australian Made) with manual. 
  • 3. 300 litre Australian Made Stainless Steel roof mounted tank with 7 YEAR warranty 

Conditions of Sale 

  • STC will be traded over to Apollo Solar at point of sale 
  • $500 Cash Back must be claimed through Rheem Australia 
  • All products are Supply Only 
  • Pick up from Logan or Townsville
  • Freight to location at extra cost 
  • All prices include GST
  • Cyclone frames not included
  • Offer ends 30th November 

About Rheem solar hot water

Rheem has been one of Australia’s leading solar hot water manufacturers since 1937 – it has the most extensive range of energy efficient hot water systems available in Australia. Whether it be with Solar, Gas or Electric Storage – Rheem has a range of capacities and sizes just right for every situation.

Why choose Apollo Solar?

If you want to have a reliable, cost-effective solar hot water system in your home, then you can't leave it to chance. Having a solar hot water system is a long term investment - you can only reap the rewards if you choose the right people who are dedicated to giving you the best service.

Our customers choose us time and time again because we care. We listen to each of our customer's needs and tailor the best solution specific to their home or business. We live and breathe solar and are passionate about delivering our customers with the best possible hot water systems. There's simply no one else like us.

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