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The team at Apollo Solar is proud to announce our latest solar power financing option: premium-quality solar power leasing with absolutely no initial outlay. Solar power has never been more affordable! Get the benefits of solar without the outlay and furthermore, the ongoing costs will be less than what you are paying for power now. So effectively, if you can pay your power bill now, you can afford solar on your home or business now! See below for a list of never seen before features:

· FREE installation!

· Lock in your power price for the next 20 years and never be vulnerable to energy price hikes again!

· GUARANTEED solar output – If our system doesn’t perform up to scratch we will pay you the difference!

· Unmatched 20 year warranty on all products including inverter!

· System is Fully Serviced and Maintained at no cost to you for 20 years!

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Whether you live in Townsville, Brisbane or anywhere in Queensland, our goal is to help better the environment, whilst allowing homes and businesses to save on electricity bills. Through high quality solar power and solar hot water – We save people $$$!

Now is the time to invest in this exciting renewable energy source, to power your home or business into the future!

With absolutely no initial outlay, guaranteed savings, guaranteed solar output and a 20-year warranty and for less than what you are paying for now. It has never been easier!

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As official members of the Australian Solar Council, Apollo Solar has helped well over 1,500 customers gain the many benefits of solar power. We operate with a culture of integrity, honesty and passion with our work. We specifically source leading solar power and solar hot water equipment that doesn’t compromise on quality. We’re happy to talk to you about your solar needs and analyse your home or business to see how solar power can best suit you.


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